HP EIO Printserver PS1126

At a Glance

The PS1126 is the first Gigabit fiber optic network interface card for HP output devices with internal EIO port. It simply slides into the EIO slot and attaches HP printers and MFP to 1000BaseSX Gigabit fiber optics networks (SC connector).


In close cooperation with Hewlett Packard, SEH develops interface cards for attaching HP printers and multifunctional peripherals (MFP) to the network since 2000. The result is a complete print server portfolio for all HP output devices with EIO port:

  • Cost-effective alternatives to HP Jetdirect interface cards for HP laser, ink jet, photo, and large format printers as well as for MFPs
  • Our print servers are perfectly adapted HP devices and administration software tools: HP WebJetadmin, HP Openview, Embedded Web Server (EWS) etc.
  • SEH solutions for HP are listed in the HP Global Solutions Catalog
  • Unique features, such as the latest ThinPrint .print Client

FTTD Secure Printing Solution

The eavesdropping-secure fiber optic connection leads right up to the printer (fiber-to-the-desk/FTTD)! Additional security is provided by several complementary security features, e.g. encryption, authentication, acces aontrol, and more!

PS1126 is a cost-effective alternative to corresponding HP JetDirect cards and perfectly adapted to all HP software administration tools: HP WebJetadmin, HP Openview, Embedded Web Server (EWS) etc.

For all common network types: Windows, Apple, Novell, Linux.

Tech Specifications

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Support of all standard operating systems and protocols including Windows 8
  • Button for status information and diagnostic purposes
  • Automatic printer error notification
  • Browser-based management
  • Print job monitoring
  • Regular firmware updates
  • Support of 10 languages
  • Free warranty for up to 60 months
  • Comprehensive support
  • IPv6 support
  • IPSec support
  • The latest ThinPrint .print Client, supports ThinPrint SSL encryption
  • ThinPrint AutoConnect
  • Access protection
  • Encryption of print data (TLS/SSL)
  • Automatic printer error notification
  • Software Download via FTP, IPX or HTML


Additional Information

Order Details

  • M04630 (EU, UK)
  • M04632 (US)


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