USB Device over IP

Would you like to utilize your USB devices easily and remotely via the network? Or share them with other users, e. g. dongles, scanners, printers?

Sharing USB Devices

Sharing a device is better than buying several items! Utilizing our myUTN USB device servers enables several users to access a USB device via the network, just as if it were locally attached. A user who no longer needs the device can simply release it so another person can use it. You do not have to buy much wanted and used USB devices in a great number.

USB Devices in WLAN

The myUTN-55 USB device server enables you to access many different USB devices via WLAN (802.11b/g/n). You can attach up to four USB devices simultaneously - independent of location, USB cable lengths etc.! 

oneclick™ is a universally applicable, complete solution for the deployment and distribution of applications and data. oneclick cooperates with SEH to integrate USB devices into the HTML based session. The myUTN-2500 USB Deviceserver has been successfully tested.

Where to Buy

SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. For a complete list of dealers and re-sellers, both European and worldwide, please visit our "where to buy" page. 

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