Reducing Risk in Industrial IoT Deployments

An IIoT connection layer between existing automation and the network prolongs the useful life of legacy equipment while preventing business disruption and security breaches.

IOT IS PAST THE PEAK of inflated expectations on the Gartner hype curve. It now generates announcements of successful deployments, particularly in the industrial sector. But industrial IoT (IIoT) is still a risky business: Cisco’s oft-quoted survey of 2017 found that three-quarters of IoT pilots founder. More recently, Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for IIoT found no platform companies yet in the positive column for execution.

Although there’s no shortage of new IIoT-enabled machinery for those willing to retire existing equipment, a rip-and-replace approach is clearly premature for many companies with industrial machines that have been doing their jobs acceptably for decades. Instead, companies should consider adding an IIoT connection layer to prevent business disruption without compromising security.

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